The collection "Vielseitig – Multiple" presents a fascinating selection of artist books from various eras and styles from the collection of the National Library of Luxembourg. The diversity of visual and conceptual approaches is remarkable, ranging from conceptual works of the 1960s and 1970s to painterly books from the early 20th century and even artist books by local Luxembourgish artists.
The challenge of uniting this broad range of works between the covers was certainly no easy task. From simple stapled booklets to elaborately bound linen volumes and even unusual objects like a publication with a life jacket as a cover, the breadth of the presentation is impressive.
This compilation offers readers insight into the creative diversity and experimental spirit of the artists who express their ideas and concepts through the form of the artist's book. Through the different materials, binding techniques, and concepts, the range of possibilities of the artist's book medium becomes apparent and invites further exploration of the works.
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